About me


Jiva de Septon

I am eighteen years old and a student in Economy and Law at Bienne high school. I enjoy math and visual art but I dislike physics. I prepared my final report on the rider’s mental preparation for an obstacle, and I received grades of 5.5/6 for my written work and 5.75/6 for my oral thesis. I am an open-minded, but not extroverted, person. I am discreet when I attend competitions and I rarely use social networks. My life essentially revolves around horses, since I put in five hours a day at the stables. On the other hand, I enjoy sports in general, including skiing, snowboarding (in Champéry) and wakeboarding (I live at the edge of the lake). I have even played on a roller hockey team! My travels (to Thailand, Bali, Mexico, Bonaire, Egypt and elsewhere) have enabled me to discover other cultures and even ocean floors, since I enjoy diving (I hold Advanced Open Water and Nitrox qualifications and have made approximately 90 dives). My favorite city is Paris, where I love to spend weekends visiting exhibitions, going to the movies and shopping. I love art in general, since it expresses all kinds of emotions, and I am receptive to the messages that artists wish to express with their work, even when it seems completely oddball. I have three pet Chihuahuas and a hamster as well as several freshwater aquariums.

I live in a blended family with two young brothers aged 16 and 8. My stepfather, Michel Anklin, supports me financially in buying and taking care of my horses. I also have a little brother on my father’s side, and my stepfather has three adult sons from a previous marriage. This means that I am the only girl in the family, which has its advantages. My mother, who enjoys riding as a leisure activity, wears a lot of different hats (chauffeur, groom and coach, for example). She helps me prepare the horses and clean the equipment.

I love my horses because each one of them reflects a part of myself. To me, each horse is a person who does not hide his or her emotions. Working with horses compels me to continually improve myself and to not rest on my laurels. I must always strive to make progress. Each of my horses expresses things to me in his or her own way. They are beautiful to me. I love horses with sturdy necks and big eyes.

My dream would be to have a professional career in horses: being able to ride competition horses all day, training young horses, and seeing them develop. I would love to have my own stable, which would be specially designed for horse wellness, with enormous stalls that give directly onto private pastures. The property would have a lake and a paddock with various obstacles (like in the Teletubbies ;-)). I would form a pony club with ponies of all kinds (big, small, sweet and mischievous). As you can see, I am a dreamer.

I was older than most of the other children when I began riding ponies at the Bienne riding school. In 2011 I passed the beginner novice  level, and the next year I began to participate in local horse and pony competitions. I began training for the advanced level at the end of the season. In 2013 I acquired a second pony and competed in the 110 and 120 classes. In 2014, I entered the regional Swiss pony competitions, and I am currently preparing for the regional horse competitions with two horses in the junior events (essentially 120 and 125 classes, but also some 130 classes). I still have my first pony, and my first horse is now enjoying a peaceful retirement. A new five-year-old horse named Dinka’s de Monfirak just joined my collection.

The first horse with whom I competed fell sick the first year that I had him, in 2010. I took care of him with courage and perseverance, and it took an enormous amount of willpower to finally mount him again. This determination has become a firm part of my approach and the key to my development. I immediately took to competition. My victory over my horse’s illness was a triumph. All my Swiss competition results may be consulted on the FNCH website.

What is important for me is to do my best with each mount, according to the potential of each one, and to respect their limitations. I would love to be a professional rider but I am well aware that this is not an easy goal to reach. Currently I am trying to balance my economic studies at Bienne high school with my athletic activities. I take care of my horses by myself, and I am the only one to ride them, with the exception of my mother, who takes them for walks sometimes. I take my horses out often for trots through the woods, and I aim for variety in their training work, combining lunging with ring exercises and jumping to keep my horses fit and satisfied.